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April is National Car Care Month

TLC for your Car

April is National Car Care Month, and it's time to give that sweet ride of yours a little TLC! Here are some quick tips to get your baby ready for unlimited trips to the ice cream stand!

1. Remove all leftover salt

To survive our winter conditions here in the Northeast, we use a lot of road salt. And while it not only keeps you safe, it can wreak havoc on your car. Any exposed metal can be turned to rust by that salt. Head on down to your local Valu Home Center and hit up our Car Care section. Not only will you find some great products to wash and wax your car and prevent any further damage, you'll be in and out quick!

2. Check your wiper blades

Let's be don't wait for your car to warm up and melt the ice. You sit in the driver's seat, thinking about the beach, letting your windshield wipers run until they scrape the ice off for you. You do? Don't you feel better now that you've confessed? Look, your wipers take a beating in the winter. Snow, ice, salt. That poor little rubber blade doesn't stand a chance. Valu has a great selection of wipers to fit your car, and now is a good time to toss on a new set!

3. Check all your fluids

No doubt you've put in your share of blue windshield washer fluid in your car this winter, but how many times did you check the other fluids under there? Now is the time to check your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and your headlight lubricant. (Kidding, cars don't have headlight lubricant. But if it did now would be the time to check it!) And if you find you're a little low on any of it, or if it is time for a change, Valu has the products you need to get it done. And if you can't tell the difference between transmission fluid and window cleaner, no worries! Our helpful team of Amazing Associates are there to answer all your questions.

4. Tire pressure

Through the cold winter, your tires can lose a lot of their air pressure. This can lead to bad handling, traction, and safety. It can also cause your tires to prematurely wear, and negatively affect your car's gas milage. Put a little pressure on your tires, it's good for them!

5. Clean the interior

Have you looked in your back seat lately? Or worse....the trunk??? If you have kids or pets, it's probably best you don't look back there. OH THE HORROR! But really, who feels like freezing their fingers off trying to clean out half eaten dog treats and half wet hockey equipment? Now that it is getting warmer, it's time to get back to that showroom clean! Check out Valu's full line of Shop Vac's and trash bags to get that extra junk where it belongs. To the curb. And getting rid of any extra weight in your car can help improve gas milage, so it's a win-win!

Need some help, or more supplies? Visit your local Valu Home Center and speak to our knowledgeable Associates today.