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6 Reasons to Own a Jigsaw

Carpenter cutting a wood using jigsaw cutter

jig saw has a small, thin blade that is held in place by a clamp. The blade is moved up and down quickly by the motor, sawing the material in front of it. As the tool is turned, the blade moves in this new direction as well. This makes it super-easy to cut shapes and designs out of various types of material. And since it doesn't require a lot of experience or skill to operate, a jig saw can be a valuable tool for beginners or added to the collection of an experienced woodworker.

Here are six reasons why every DIYer should own one:

Carpenter cutting a wood using jigsaw cutter

Reason #1: Making Curved or Irregular Cuts

A jig saw is perfect for making curved or irregular cuts. With the right blade, you can make intricate cuts that would be difficult to make with another type of power saw, such as a circular saw or reciprocating saw.

Construction worker, Trimming parquet on using circular miter saw cutting

Reason # 2: Making Bevel Cuts

One of the great things about a jig saw is that you can make bevel cuts with it - that is, cuts that are angled up to 45 degrees. This is handy for making picture frames, molding, or other projects where you need to make angled cuts.

Young man carpenter builder working with electric jigsaw and wood.hobby concept.DIY acronym cut out in OSB panel with electric jigsaw.Woodworker cutting a piece of wood

Reason #3: Cutting Circles

With a jig saw, it's easy to cut circles in wood, metal, or plastic. This is handy for making signs, clocks, or other circular projects.

Cloverville in the Board electric jigsaw tool cutting wood, Assembly of furniture at home

Reason #4: Cutting Different Materials

A jig saw can be used to cut many different kinds of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, tile, and even stone. With the right blade, you can make straight cuts or curved cuts in any of these materials.

A jigsaw being used to cut a curve on a work piece of soft pine.

Reason #5 Great for Huge Projects

If you have a big project that requires a lot of cuts, a jig saw can be a great tool to use. With its long blade, you can make continuous cuts in materials like plywood or particleboard without having to stop and change blades.

Fuming bright Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin on dark solid background. Glowing eyes and a terrible grin. Halloween minimal concept

Reason #6: Pumpkin Carving

You can use a jig saw for many different types of projects, but most would never guess that includes pumpkin carving! With the right blade, you can easily carve out a jack-o-lantern face or other design.

Different Kinds of Jig saw Blades

Now that we've gone over some of the reasons why you should own a jig saw, let's talk about the different kinds of blades that are available. Jig saw blades come in many different shapes and sizes, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. Here are some of the most common types of blades:

Now that you know about some of the different types of jig saw blades that are available, you can choose the right one for your next project. Whether you're making straight cuts or curved cuts, there's a blade that's perfect for the job!

While do-it-yourself projects can be fun and fulfilling, there is always a potential for personal injury or property damage. We strongly suggest that any project beyond your abilities be left to licensed professionals such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we assume no responsibility or liability for the contents of this article.


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