Father's Day Gifts for Dad!

Dad reading to his baby

The thought "my dad is so hard to shop for" is undoubtedly the number one reason that sales of neckties, soaps on a rope, and nail clipper sets skyrocket every June. We were thinking that this should be the year you put that Old Spice gift pack back on the shelf, so we put together this handy Father's Day Gift Guide. Check it out, because it's certain to inspire some ideas that'll help your dad get something he'll really enjoy!

For Every Dad

Two men and a boy grilling

We know all patriarchs aren't the same, but there do seem to be some nearly universal dad truths. For example, we're hard-pressed to find a pop who doesn't like barbecuing on the back patio. Imagine his joy this Father's Day as he receives a Weber grill from his (now) favorite child! Similarly, few fathers would turn down a beefy Maglite flashlight or handy pocket-size Leatherman. True, your dad may not like spicy food or be a beef jerky lover, but you'll sure be able to find the perfect gift at your local Do it Best store!


For the Do-it-yourself Dad

Father and son putting togther a table

If your dad is the type who gets excited when something around the house needs fixing, this list may hold some coveted treasure for him. Even if he already has at least one can of WD-40 in the garage, rest assured he needs another. And we're pretty sure he doesn't have a utility knife as cool as the Channellock Lockback. If he likes cutting bigger stuff like pipes, tree branches, and wall studs a Milwaukee Sawzall is just the tool he needs. Although he probably has a couple of measuring tapes, he doesn't have anything as cool as a Bosch Laser Distance Measurer! Lastly, it's hard to imagine a DIY dad who doesn't make generous use of duct tape. This year, upgrade him to 3X-strength Gorilla Tape!



For the Yard Working Dad

Blue lawn mower

When you picture your dad, is he happily atop his riding lawn mower or back in the garden, elbow-deep in dirt? If so, he'd definitely like something on this list! Nobody - even veteran yard workers - likes weeding, but the Fiskars Stand-Up Weeder makes it less like a chore and more like a game! And the Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer runs on a powerful, long-lasting battery that dad will love. If he's more of an engine-powered yard tools man, the only way your pops doesn't want a SureCan gas can is if he hasn't seen one yet! (Trust us, they're amazing.) Also, a Shoe Gear Boot Scrubber isn't just a gift for dad... It's a blessing for your mom as well!


For the Outdoorsy Dad

Dad with baby on his shoulders

Lots of dad-like pastimes take a man into the outdoors. Camping and hunting, biking and birdwatching, or just old-fashioned tailgating all happen under the sun out in the fresh air. Even if he's a marathon outdoorsman, eventually the old man is going to have to sit down... (Just for a minute, of course.) It's at that moment he'll be thankful you bought him an Outdoor Expression Mesh Folding Chair, with its own tote bag and cup holder. If he's sitting next to a campfire, he's sure to like the innovative design of the Rome Industries Hot Dog Fork while cooking nearly everything else in the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven. And when it comes time to inflate an inner tube or air mattress, you'll both be thankful you saved his lungs with a Black & Decker Air Station Inflator!



For the Motorhead Dad

Man working on car

If your pops has always worked on cars, you probably know better than to try and buy him a tool he doesn't already own. But here's a suggestion: The Pro-Lift Z-Creeper is pretty unique - it will let dad work while lying on his back or sitting on his rear end! Plus, it's hard to find a garage mechanic who doesn't want an Alert Stamping Retractable Extension Cord Reel hanging from the ceiling. Either of these "tools" will likely be welcome additions to his shop. Our other suggestions are gifts you give to help him take away: Lava Soap, Fast Orange, and Scott Original Blue Shop Towels will help him easily remove the oil, grease, and grime from his hands and arms. After all, just because he likes to work under the hood doesn't mean he has to look like he lives there!


For the Indoor Dad

Man inside drinking coffee with his cat

Let's face it, not all dads are lumberjacks and roughnecks. Whether they've gone kicking and yelling into retirement or simply prefer computers and air conditioning to horses and motorcycles, some fathers spend most of their time in the comfort of home. We've got recommendations for these guys, too! You can help him consolidate all his remote controls into one RCA Universal Remote, or give him a fantastic night's sleep with a My Pillow - the most comfortable pillow he'll ever own. When he wakes up, he'll appreciate the perfect cup of coffee that his Keurig Coffee Brewer created while he's whipping up breakfast for the family with his new Presto Flipside Waffle Maker. And if you've made the mistake of helping dad understand his smart phone, you can all eat while enjoying the sounds of Neil Diamond and Kenny G emanating from his 808 CANZ Bluetooth Speaker!



Mom and dad coloring with their baby

Remember, there's no need to spend a ton of money to let dad know he's loved and valued! The most important thing to any father is hearing that his children appreciate the sacrifices he's made out of love for them. Whether you express that appreciation with a new Weber grill, a bar of Lava Soap, or just a hug and a "Thanks dad, I love you," you can make this his best Father's Day ever.