FireDisc Cookers Are Built to Haul

FireDisc leaned up against rotten tree stump with snow on the ground

FireDisc started with co-founders, brothers, and best friends Hunter and Griff Jagard. They wanted to build a grill that would live up to their active lifestyle of hunting, fishing, camping, and tailgating. They started with a dream, a plow disc from a tractor, and a welding shop to ultimately create the FireDisc cooker.

It truly is built to haul with a 3-piece design that makes assembly and disassembly so incredibly easy and quick. The innovative design also allows your FireDisc cooker to store flat, so it doesn't waste space during storage or on those camping trips where you never have enough space.

FireDisc Cookers Are Built to Last

FireDisc Grilling Meat

FireDisc cookers aren't just built to last, they're massively over-built! Using a heavy-duty, high-polished, tempered ultra-high carbon steel construction for both the cooker and the stand, this grill will last for generations. The stand and burner are powder coated with a premium thermoplastic pure silicone resin that's baked on at 450°, which forms a nearly impenetrable protective skin. Simply put, this grill is basically indestructible.

Disc grips

Rubber-coated Handles

Rubber handles offer comfort to make transporting your FireDisc cooker simple and easy. These custom, ergonomic handles are also fire-retardant to keep you safe.

Adjustable burner

Adjustable Burner

The Magnum powder-coated adjustable 3-temp burner ensures long-lasting durability and high-performance.

Propane ready

Uses Propane Canisters

FireDisc operates on compact propane canisters for easy portability and storage. For more cooking, you have the option to use a full-size propane tank with an easy-to-install adapter.

FireDisc Cookers Are Easy to Transport

Transporting a FireDisc on the back of a Four Wheeler

FireDisc is the easiest grill to transport because it literally lays flat! Transport using a 4-wheeler, camper, truck, or simply carry it with its 3-piece design and easy-carry handle. The entire FireDisc system consists of two stand sections that nest together and the cooking disc itself. No tools or hardware needed, and assembly takes mere seconds!

How to Season Your FireDisc Cooker

Person seasoning food on the FireDisc

FireDisc operates on propane, so of course, it fires up quickly. But, the best part? It seasons better than a cast-iron skillet! The surface is more porous, so it will become more seasoned for non-stick cooking, protection from rust, and an absolute superior taste with each and every meal you cook.

How to Cook with & Clean a FireDisc Cooker


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