Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

A young woman laying in her bed stretching her arms as she wakes up for the day

Weighted blankets have been increasing in popularity for many people seeking out better sleep, lowered anxiety, and other winning benefits. These blankets are a great investment before the long and chilly months of winter — though even in warm weather, the right weighted blanket will still provide comfort.

If you have been thinking of adding a weighted blanket to your bed, learn more about the benefits of these unique blankets below. Additionally, check out the most common questions around weighted blankets as you decide whether this is the right pick for your nighttime routine.

The Benefits of These Unique Blankets

A weighted blanket can be a wonderful addition to any sleepy time routine. If you have always enjoyed hunkering down under your covers on a cold winter night — or conversely find it impossible to sleep uncovered even on the hottest summer days — a weighted blanket might be right for you. Check out the following benefits of these unique covers.


A black and white image of blankets/comforters wrinkled up on a bed.

One of the most universal benefits of a weighted blanket is how cozy it makes you feel. For anyone who has spent a winter night underneath grandma’s handmade pile of quilts, this feeling will resonate. Due to their weighty nature, a weighted blanket will offer the ultimate cozy feel.

Deeper Sleep

A middle aged woman laying in a bed with gray sheets and wearing a sleeping mask

People who sleep under a weighted blanket often find they sleep much deeper. The cocooning effect of these blankets can help keep you still and calm throughout the night.

Decreased Anxiety

An elderly couple sitting on a couch with their arms behind their heads breathing in deep relaxing

Perhaps one of the number one reasons weighted blankets have increased in popularity is their ability to decrease anxiety in many of those who use them. Sleeping with the comforting weight of these blankets on top of your body might reduce your anxiety and stress.

Feeling Hugged

two young women embracing in a side hug

As humans, we are keen to feel the warmth of an embrace. A weighted blanket offers the same feelings as those you get when being hugged. The heavy weight of the covers can help lull you to sleep as your blanket literally hugs your body.

Common Questions About Weighted Blankets

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A close up image of weighted blanket beads

Weighted blankets, also sometimes called gravity blankets, are heavy blankets. By sewing in a weighted material, the blanket winds up being much heavier than a traditional cloth blanket. The material used varies depending on the blanket chosen. Common items used in weighted blankets include:

  • Plastic poly pellets
  • Glass beads
  • Grains

This filling makes the blanket weigh more than a normal quilt or comforter, creating a weighted feeling when placed over your body.

Who Should Use a Weighted Blanket?

A folded up blue weighted banket

Weighted blankets can be a great fit for a variety of people. From those who simply like the feeling of being cozy underneath a heavy blanket to adults who’ve been instructed by a therapist to give a weighted blanket a try, these blankets are a great choice for different people.

However, caution should be exercised when using a weighted blanket with a child. It’s best to consult with a doctor before purchasing a weighted blanket for a young child.

What Size and Weight Should I Buy?

A person standing on a glass scale weighting themselves

When purchasing a weighted blanket, two things should be considered: the size and the weight of the blanket.

When it comes to size, choose a blanket that will cover your body fully when in bed. You don’t need a king-size blanket for your king-size bed. Instead, you simply need a blanket that will adequately cover your body.

Next, for the weight of the blanket, compare the blanket’s weight to your own. A general rule of thumb is to purchase a weighted blanket that’s equivalent to around 10% of your body weight. Keep in mind that a therapist might recommend a different weight based on your specific needs.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

A crumpled up gray comforter on a queen size bed

Weighted blankets work through a very simple idea: the weight of the blanket applies deep pressure that offers comfort and other benefits. These blankets are often used by occupational therapists and other professionals to help promote well-being. Various people will reap different benefits from these gravity covers.

If you’re contemplating the purchase of a weighted blanket, there’s perhaps no better time than the winter months. During the long cold days of the year, a weighted blanket can offer added comfort and warmth. Try out a weighted blanket and see what benefits you enjoy most.



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