PROVA: The Ultimate Shower Waterproofing System

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One of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom is with a new tiled shower. Tiled showers can create an open, roomy feeling, and the clean lines and unlimited tile styles can help the shower blend in with the rest of your home décor. It’s a popular DIY project, but can require some significant elbow grease and expertise. Because of this, PROVA set out to make your project easier with their innovative tiled shower waterproofing kits. With a PROVA Shower System Kit®, you get a fully-waterproof, easy-to-install, maintenance-free tiled shower.

Why should I buy a PROVA Shower System Kit?


If you're looking for a PROVA Shower System Kit, you're probably getting ready to start your tiling project and are looking for the best way to build a tiled shower. PROVA kits come in 48"x48" and 32"x60" sizes and have several advantages that make them the right choice for your shower tiling project:

  • PROVA kits create a fully bonded, water-tight assembly from the foundation up
  • No waiting time between steps, allowing you to complete your project quicker with less disruption to your routine
  • Protects wall cavities against water penetration, preventing potentially disastrous water damage to your walls
  • Prefabricated sloped pan replaces the need for a mortar base, saving you time and effort

What comes in a PROVA Shower System Kit?

PROVA Shower System Kit

PROVA kits contain all components needed to create a water-tight tiled shower assembly. Available in 48"x48" and 32"x60" sizes, the kits contain everything from the kit underlayment to a prefabricated pan, corner pieces and more. Kits include:

  • PROVA Pan
  • PROVA Curb
  • PROVA Mat
  • PROVA Mat Pan Liner
  • PROVA Joint
  • PROVA Corner
  • PROVA Pipe Seal
  • PROVA Drain & Grate

How do I install a PROVA Shower System Kit?

PROVA kits are simple to install using common hand toolspower drill and jigsaw, plus standard tiling tools. Check out both installation videos below to see just how easy it is to install a PROVA Shower System Kit.

Do it Best stores are the best places to find PROVA Shower System Kits for your tiled shower projects! Shop the PROVA kits online or stop by and talk to the experts at your local, independently owned Do it Best store.


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