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Earth Science 12 Lb. Earth Worm Castings Soil Conditioner

Model #11896-4 Item #746304 UPC 00681636118965
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Product overview
Earthworm castings make the richest, most natural compost available. Naturally non-burning and odorless. Add essential organic matter that increases microbial activity for a living, nutrient rich soil. One application per month. Ideal to use for seed starting, indoor and outdoor plants, gardens (including container gardens), trees, and shrubs. Sprinkle a small amount in soil, the castings slowly enrich soil with more nutrients than most yard compost without burning plants. Honest earthworm castings, no peat or other fillers. Improves overall soil structure. Increases water and nutrient holding capacity of soil. Encourages plant growth. 100% guaranteed.
  • 100% vermicompost
  • Excellent source of organic matter
  • Improves overall soil structure to retain more water and nutrient
  • Can be applied dry or mixed with water for compost tea
  • Naturally non-burning and odorless
Weight 12 Lb.
Coverage Area Varies
Active Ingredient Earthworm Castings
Volume Varies
Weight (Lb.) 12