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What you let in, what you let out. There are no features in your home more important to controlling that than your doors. For new construction, remodels, parts and service to screens, we have been helping provide people with their ideal doors through an exceptional selection of brands and decades of expertise. Stop into your local Bliffert Lumber and let’s show you.

Larson Doors by Bliffert

A new entry door or a new interior door style can update your house and make it uniquely you. With a wide variety of exterior and interior door brands to choose from, we are here to help with all your door needs. Call or visit one of our showrooms to talk with one of our experienced door experts. 

A vast selection of doors with free local delivery.

At the end of the day, your door choices really come down to your personal aesthetic, style, and budget. So, having options is key. And options are what we offer in full (along with exceptional door expertise).

Exterior Door Brands from Bliffert

Doors are made from several different types of materials depending on where they are used, the function, and the style. From wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, and fiberglass.
Knowing more about door material can help you make a better decision about what’s best for yours. So, let’s take a look at the main options below:

Exterior Door Styles:


The classic door. Made for both exterior and interior purposes, these doors are made of solid wood, which offers strength and good insulating capabilities. Hardwoods such as oak are generally best for exterior doors (and are very dent-resistant). Softwoods like pine dent easier but are still fairly durable.

NOTE: If you prefer staining over painting your door, you’ll want to invest in a stain-grade wood panel door.


These doors are similar to a hollow-core interior door, but with a difference, you’ve probably figured out. Yes, the space within the wood frame is solid (filled with particleboard, for instance). They are heavy (what you want for an exterior door). But you’ll want to keep the veneer protected with paint to keep the particleboard from getting wet.


These doors offer a different kind of core from those with particleboard or foam. The core is made of multiple thin pieces of wood that are laminated together. A wood veneer covers the core. So, they look like standard wood panel doors but make for a very stable door when painted or stained.


Gaining in popularity and becoming common for exterior door use, fiberglass doors offer appealing qualities. They can be molded into a variety of shapes and styles (come in a variety of colors and can be painted) are durable and more resistant to the elements (keep from warping, shrinking, expanding, etc.).


Yes, these are becoming common for homes (having been mostly used for commercial purposes). These can either have a steel exterior with a foam core or a foam core wrapped in steel with a wood veneer over it all. As you can guess, these are very strong and insulate very well.

Interior Door Brands from Bliffert

Interior Door Styles:


These are the classic doors. They are solid wood and made for both exterior and interior use. They are made from both hardwoods (like oak) and softwoods (like pine, which is very common). Softwood doors are most common due to their lighter weight and cost, but they are not quite as durable as their hardwood cousins.


HDF or MDF is harder and more resistant to denting than hardboard (but not stronger than solid wood). Available in an array of styles, they have a paneled, modern look that’s making HDF and MDF doors a growing, popular choice.

NOTE: Never use an interior door for an exterior entryway.


Glass doors are visually attractive and let more light into any home. They need to be built well (especially for exterior usage), but when applied to a home (whether interior or exterior), they add beauty and can make a statement.

NOTE: It is recommended to get gas-filled thermal glass panes for an exterior glass door.


These doors offer a hardboard exterior (sometimes referred to as Masonite) that is usually covered with a hard-baked paint to help protect the softer hardboard. These doors can be the most affordable, and the hardboard can be molded to look like wood grain.


It is very common, especially for new construction. These doors are 1-3/8” thick and made of wood stiles and rails. The interior generally consists of cardboard webbing, and the exterior is made of veneer. If taken care of, they can last for a long time. But rough use can lead to denting, and if hit hard, they can puncture.

NOTE: Consider purchasing these doors with an oak or birch veneer for painting convenience.

Storm Door Brands from Bliffert

Storm doors provide an additional layer of protection to your exterior doors from inclement weather (especially important in the ever changing weather we have in Wisconsin). There is a wide array of functional and style options, such as you can see below from Larson, an industry leader in storm doors.