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Bathroom Organization Tips and Tricks

White-tiled bathroom with a stylish wood-legged marble vanity, mirror, sink, and green foliage. The bathroom also features a towel rack, soap dispenser, and modern light fixtures.

Your bathroom can’t be your personal oasis if you can’t find anything. No one wants to take a relaxing bath amongst clutter, that’s for sure! Keep things organized and pretty with these bathroom storage ideas. They’re easy enough for anyone to install, but also budget friendly!

An elegant bathroom featuring a white clawfoot tub with a silver faucet and matching silver fixtures throughout. The room is accented with salmon-colored towels and a window next to the tub, allowing natural light to illuminate the space. A wood-framed closet provides ample storage, and green foliage adds a natural touch to the room's decor.

1. Use everyday items. 

Display toilet paper or towels in wire baskets that can double as decorations.   

2. Hide toiletries.

Use wicker baskets on shelves to store towels and toiletries. 

3. Find makeup quick. 

Separate and find makeup easily, with drawer organizers.  

4. Reuse, reduce and recycle. 

Glass jars or clear containers can organize soap, bath salts, or cotton balls. Use chalkboard labels to easily identify everyday items.

5. Use vertical space. 

Over-the-toilet shelves are a great way to keep things off the ground. 

6. Open up a wall. 

Find unused wall space to create an in-wall shelf between studs for more storage.

7. The clearer, the better. 

Store make-up or medicine in bins with clear drawers for easy access.

8. Drain the water.

Plastic storage totes with holes are a great way to store toddler toys in the bathtub. Grab a few water-proof command strip hooks, and you can even store them along the tub wall for even more organization!

9. Hook up the heat. 

Command hooks inside your bathroom vanity can hold all of your hot tools.

10. Keep it off the ground.

Take a plain open wall in your bathroom and install multiple hooks to hold towels. They’ll double as decoration and give you a place to dry towels, other than a pile on the floor where kids tend to leave them.




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