How to Care for Birds in Summer

Birds sitting on a tree branch with pink blossoms in the background

Birds help us every single day in so many ways. They eat insects daily (especially mosquitos!), weed seeds, and rodents, all of which are huge pests and wreck havoc on the average homeowner. But how can we help care for birds in return? There are many ways! Food shortages can happen at anytime, sweltering heat can cause dehydration, and warm weather makes it even more important for birds to practice good hygiene. Here are just a few ways that you can help birds during the hot summer months.

Provide High Protein Food

Bird perched on the side of a bird feeder with seed

Always look for high protein bird food that will aid the development of birds and help with the molting process during summer.

Provide Clean Water in Bird Baths

A couple of birds splashing in bird bath

Making sure birds have fresh water to drink and bathe is a must during hot weather. Bird baths are great for both options, but make sure to keep them clean. To perform a really deep clean on a bird bath, use one part distilled white vinegar and nine parts water and scrub thoroughly. Once clean, rinse the bath until there is no foam present before refilling.

Keep Cats & Dogs Away

Close-up of cat looking up

Cats and dogs are responsible for many bird deaths and accidents each year. Do your part to help by keeping cats indoors as much as possible and keep dogs on leashes if you can.

Share Your Space

Close-up of a bird nest with a small blue egg

Finding a bird nest around your home can seem like a nuisance, but keep in mind the bird(s) living in it will most likely be gone in a few short weeks. Try to live with the nest until they've moved on. Once you're sure they're gone, it's safe to remove the nest and dispose of it. And remember, while they're around they'll eat hundreds of insects each day.

Turn off Outdoor Lights at Night

House that is dark on the outside with the inside lights shining

Night-flying birds can become disoriented, lose their way, and even run into windows or homes. If you aren't comfortable turning off all of your outdoor lights at night, try using green or blue LED lights that are less distracting to birds at night.

With just a few simple changes around the home, you can help birds survive the hot summer months. And don't forget, they're helping you too!


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