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What Are the Best Flowers for Fall?

Burnt orange, cream, and maroon flower bouquet

The leaves are starting to change and there’s a crispness in the air. Summer flowers on your patio are probably becoming dormant and have been producing fewer blooms for quite some time. Don’t worry! You can easily update your outdoor space for cooler weather and still make a statement. With a few tips and ideas, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful porch or patio that will carry you into the next season.


Pink, orange, yellow, red, and white mums

Commonly referred to as mums, these gorgeous flowers are the epitome of fall. Chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of colors and instantly add that extra pop that your patio is in need of. Many homeowners choose to pick a few different colors in hues of either red, orange, yellow, or white. Grouping mums together in different sizes also adds interest and depth to your space. Most Do it Best stores carry a variety of sizes from small to extra large, making this a great option to mix and match!


Sunflowers against a clear blue sky

These large yellow beauties are usually displayed during the fall because it takes all summer long for them to grow. Sunflowers are an easy addition to your patio! They can be used in small potted arrangements or as accents for other fall plants. The bright leaves and dark centers are a natural addition to wreaths or patio décor as well. Consider planting a row of sunflowers on the edge of your patio for long lasting sunflower growth that will accent any fall outdoor décor that you choose.

Floral Wreath

A fall floral wreath against a teal-blue front house door

Adding fall colors to your entry door will instantly spruce up the overall look of your outdoor space. Consider snipping off a few blossoms from your potted plants and create a wreath that features burnt yellow, orange, and brown foliage. Even something as simple as adding a few twigs and pieces of straw can easily create an upgraded patio area.

Nippon Daisy

Nippon Daisies

Also known as the Montauk Daisy, this late blooming flower will begin to bloom towards the end of summer and into early fall. The gorgeous white coloring of the daisy will add a simple touch to your patio. This particular daisy enjoys well drained soil, so potted plants should be under cover to help manage the water it receives. Also, be aware that this flower does give off an odor, which makes it an easy choice for outdoor instead of indoor use.

Native Grasses

Native grasses in landscaping

If you are looking for a more subdued fall look consider picking up one of the native grasses that are available at your local Do it Best store. Many grasses bloom in fall with stalks of wheat-looking tops making them a great addition to your fall outdoor décor. The height and unique qualities of the grass will add interest as well as a slight nod to the changing of the season. Buffalograss is a particularly popular option as it is not only ornate, but is resistant to weeds and drought.

Enjoying your patio during the fall season is a great idea, given the cooling temperatures and fewer bugs in the air. Consider sprucing up your outdoor living space by adding color to your fall landscaping with varying plants in different sizes. You’ll have the best decorated porch in no time, and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors!