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5 Reasons to Add Air Tools to Your Garage

Air tool sitting on top of workbench

Whether you are a casual DIYer pinning projects on the weekdays or a serious home improvement enthusiast, your next garage upgrade should include the addition of air tools. Also called pneumatic tools, they are versatile, easy-to-use, and utilize compressed air for power. 

To kick off your new tool collection, you’ll first need to invest in an air compressor. Air compressors come in an array of sizes and styles. The right choice for you will depend on how you utilize it, where you plan to install it, and how much power you need for it. For homeowners, a small, portable air compressor is often the ideal choice. These models deliver enough power to help you build that new deck without the cost and space concerns of professional-grade air compressors.

Once you have invested in a compressor, you are ready to build out your new tool collection. So why make the upgrade to air tools? Check out the following five reasons why your DIY life will never be the same when you purchase these effective power tools. 

1. Safe and Lightweight

Man with greasy hands holding air tool connected to compressor

One of the major benefits of pneumatic tools over traditional electric power tools is their lightweight build and improved safety. Since air tools do not utilize electric motors or bulky battery packs, they weigh far less than their electric power tool counterparts while still offering the same high power. This means that you can use a lighter, much smaller tool to get the same job done.

Additionally, because air tools do not use electricity to run, they are safer and capable of running smoothly for long periods of time. Pneumatic tools do not carry the same risks of electrocution or short-circuiting that electric tools do. They are also less likely to break when the tool becomes jammed. Safety is one of the top reasons air tools have been chosen for both professional and home DIY use.

2. Professional-Grade Performance

Man using a nail gun connected to a compressor to build a deck

While many homeowners have invested in air tools for their many benefits, the reality is that these tools were constructed with professionals in mind. When you utilize pneumatic tools, you will enjoy professional-grade performance. 

This makes many previously difficult tasks much easier to perform. For example, bolts that were attached by a professional are often difficult for a homeowner to loosen. An air tool will make this task simple and fast, as you will be harnessing the same air-powered torque that the professional who tightened the bolt utilized. 

Not only will you enjoy professional-grade power from air tools, but you will also enjoy the durability of these tools. You can safely operate an air tool for long periods of time without fear of overworking a motor. Air tools are highly efficient products.

3. Versatility: One Air Compressor = Endless Opportunities

Man taking a look at an air compressor in the store before purchasing

While purchasing an air compressor might feel like an expensive investment in the beginning, the possibilities for use are endless. The air compressor itself provides you with the power to operate an array of tools and take care of other useful tasks, such as airing up a flat tire. 

With one air compressor, you can quickly switch from tool to tool, offering endless opportunities. Browse any collection of air tools and you will see just how versatile this set up really is. One minute, you might use your air compressor to power an impact wrench. The next, you might connect a paint spray gun and quickly repaint the outside of your house. Sanders, grinders, ratchets, sandblasters, painting tools, and hammers are just a few of the tools you can connect to a compressor. 

4. Ease of Use

Showing the ends to connect a pneumatic tool to an air compressor

Air tools are one of the easiest tools to operate. Not only are they extremely safe, but they are also easy to interchange. Simply pop one tool off and another one on as you switch between jobs. In contrast, many electric tools each come equipped with their own battery pack. If you are switching between jobs, you have to make sure you have all the right batteries on hand or access to an outlet.

Pneumatic tools are also small enough to use in tight spaces. This is because their power doesn’t rely on the size of the tool. Without bulky electric motors and batteries, a pneumatic tool delivers extreme amounts of torque — and can be small enough to easily fit into a tight workspace. 

5. No Batteries to Recharge

Air compressor hose

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. You wake up on Saturday morning ready to tackle that porch railing, only to realize that you forgot to charge your power tools overnight. Pneumatic tools are powered from one centralized power source — an air compressor. For this reason, you will no longer have to worry about whether or not you recharged your battery pack the day before. Your air tools will always be ready to go — leaving you with no excuses for procrastinating that DIY project any longer. 

As you can see, air tools are a worthwhile upgrade for any homeowner’s garage. These versatile tools will make projects around the house and projects on vehicles much more efficient and enjoyable.


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