Square D

About Square D

For many years, the Square D™ has been the gold standard for predictable, high-quality power distribution products. They have supported America’s electric infrastructure since their inception in the early 1900s. Through their dependability and commitment to innovation, Square D’s products have widely been regarded as the workhorses of the electric distribution industry. And with electricity consumption increasing around the world, Schneider Electric is leading the way into a brighter, more efficient future.

Innovate and Simplify

Schneider Electric has a very straightforward goal for those who use Square D products: Innovate and simplify the connectivity of electrical equipment to enable greater business efficiency. Through their diligence and commitment to creating better products, Schneider Electric helps end users save time, energy, and money, all while delivering dependability and performance. From the initial creation of the fastest-opening breakers in the industry to making easily installable load centers today, the Square D brand has and always will be committed to achieving that goal.

Winning with Neutral

Schneider Electric’s latest contribution to the industry is their revolutionary Square D Plug-on Neutral technology. Through the implementation of a neutral bar, Square D’s Homeline™ load centers, and breakers don’t require any messy pigtail wires and can be installed much faster. This means end-users are saving time, spending less on materials, and finishing with a much cleaner installation, all without sacrificing a bit of performance.

Proven Dependability

Schneider Electric has served customers around the globe for more than 100 years in a wide variety of applications, keeping the focus on quality, safety, and serviceability. As codes and standards have changed over the years,  the Square D brand has continually evolved, accounting for new regulations and innovating at every turn. Backed by the industry's best engineering support, the Square D brand provides unmatched reliability and performance at a competitive price for any application.