Easy Container Upgrades for Your Garden

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Is your garden needing a bit of sprucing up after the long winter? If you’re happy with your plants and don’t necessarily want to change any of them, choosing to upgrade your containers is a great way to add life to a well-established garden. You can also bring your garden indoors for the winter with upgraded containers to add color to your décor. Check out these simple ways that you can transform the look of your containers without harming current plants:

Choose A New Color

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Painting your containers is a great way to instantly awaken the overall feel of a garden. A quick coat of spray paint can easily be used to upgrade the look of containers that are beginning to fade. Check around the house and in the garage for small amounts of unused paint from other projects. Doing so can be a great way to give your garden a new look without breaking the budget.

Repurpose Containers

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Homeowners are getting creative with their choice of containers for their potted plants. Check Pinterest for unique and inspired ways to display your favorite begonias or petunias. Plastic food containers that are normally thrown away can be repurposed into beautiful pots and can be easily painted with special plastic coating spray paint. Other good containers include milk crates, pitchers, wagons, or even worn out rain boots can all be converted into interesting and beautiful new plant homes.

DIY Pinterest Ideas for Your Garden

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Looking for more ideas to repurpose containers for your garden? We've compiled a variety of pins on Pinterest where you can use old items just lying around the house to repurpose into your most creative garden yet! Think an old toolbox turned flower pot! There's even a way to turn that old pallet into a creative plant holder! The sky is the limit with DIY repurposed garden containers.

Use Wall Space

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Don’t forget about using all of the space of your garden and around your home. Vertical gardening is a fresh idea that uses containers that hang onto walls. Making the most of these spaces greatly increases your garden area and allows you to add more plants without having to dig out more area in the lawn. Vertical hangers can also be made out of repurposed coffee tins, two liter bottles, or PVC piping. The ideas are endless with this new and effective style of gardening!

Incorporate Wood

Adding the natural features of wood to the sides of plant containers is another popular option to upgrade your garden. Pallet wood is being used for many aspects of home décor, so why not add some to your outdoor space? Cut scrap wood pieces to the height of your container and fasten them with screws and bolts to create an appealing new look. Sand or stain the wood for an added effect that will instantly transform your garden.

Repair Old Favorites

Do you have a favorite container that has seen many seasons but also shows some aging? Repair cracks by picking up repair items like an outdoor sealant to easily fix those cracks and create a better seal to maintain moisture for the plant. Consider moving older containers to different areas of the garden that may be less exposed to the elements in order to maintain their beauty for years to come.

Freshening up containers in your garden is a great way to update the overall look of your outdoor space. Thinking creatively and adding a few repurposed items to your gardenscape will be sure to be noticed by visitors and neighbors. Prolong the life of your garden by doing an annual checkup on containers and making these simple changes to enjoy your garden all season long.

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