The Real Milk Paint

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Look no further for quality paint that gets the job done with a higher safety standard! The Real Milk Paint company now has products at Farm & Home Hardware. Shop in-store or online today, or look below for more information.

The Real Milk Paint

Milk Paint

56 colors of environmentally-friendly, non-toxic paint that’s versatile and easy to use. Our 100% organic paint is safe for kids and pets alike. Easily create a smooth finish or an antiqued look.
The Real Milk Paint Finishes

Wood Finishing Oils

Oils can make your piece exactly what you want. Some of the only hard-drying oils on the market, ours will do just as they say. Works great on floors and many other surfaces.
The Real Milk Paint Finishing Creams & Pastes

Finishing Creams & Pastes

No Odor, Non-VOC’s water base top coats that provide a protective, washable, tinted, matte finish. Helps to hide or enhance moldings, trims and recessed areas on decorative surfaces.
The Real Milk Paint Waxes


Waxes will finish your piece with the perfect look that you’ve been searching for. We offer no-VOC waxes, paste wax and just about any other kind you can think of.